Technology at Campbell 5

From the latest mobile tools and technology to world-class electric car share and sustainable building design, Campbell 5 gives you a taste of the future in the here and now.


Get more from your apartment and precinct with the C5 App – at home and on the move. From energy management, home automation and bookings to communal wifi connections, the Campbell 5 App will allow residents and guests to enjoy their home and environment in innovative and useful ways.


A new way of healthy cooking that keeps the nutrients that a microwave destroys. Miele steam ovens are standard in some apartments and available as an upgrade in others. In partnership with Miele, Campbell 5 is offering lessons and demonstrations in how to get the most from these appliances.

BMW i3 Electric Car

Take advantage of the bookable electric car system at Campbell 5. Enjoy fuel free mobility and the comfort of knowing you can get around even without a car of your own.

Campbell 5 App

Download the Campbell 5 app to book use of an electric car, a private dining room, or a club area.

Steam Ovens

Enjoy a healthier way of cooking without sacrificing taste.  Miele steam ovens are a cooking revolution available in many C5 apartments.

BMW i3 electric car share

Eco-minded motorists can ditch the car and take advantage of Campbell 5’s state-of-the-art electric BMW i3 share car. Designed to thrive in the modern metropolis, it represents a seismic shift in car design offering cutting-edge design, class-leading luxury and a level of usability hitherto unseen in electric cars. Boasting unique features such as its eucalyptus wood dash and an outstanding charge range, the BMW i3 share car gives you all the benefits of an eco-friendly car without the hassle and expense of owning one.

Camera surveillance.

The use of cameras in Campbell 5’s communal zones such as garbage areas and car parks are designed to offer security and manage building infrastructure by reducing running costs and minimise misuse.

KNX protocols

To future proof and give ultimate non-proprietors flexibility to home automation architecture.

Base building WIFI

For home automation and communal internet access.

Smart energy and design

Passive design principles, ideal cross ventilation to catch the cooling breezes and orientation to maximise northern light are fundamental to Campbell 5’s well-considered architecture. It’s all geared to helping residents save on energy, reduce emissions and get the maximum from their home.