Listening to our Community

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Campbell 5 FAQs

Listening to our Community

What is the current stage of construction at Campbell 5?

Construction on Section 5 (St Germain), Section 130 (Greenwich) and Section 132 (Koben) is well underway. 

What is next in the precinct?

The design process for Section 133 (Stage 4 of Campbell 5) is well underway with construction and project marketing to commence in mid-2017.

How many residential apartments will be built on Sections 132 and 133?

Section 133 has a total residential yield of 60 apartments and Section 132 has a total residential yield of 110 apartments. Both sites are required to have activated commercial ground levels.

Will there be any public car parking?

There are approximately 175 on-street public car parking spaces in the precinct.
The National Capital Plan Amendment 74 applies to the precinct, which allows for one car space per dwelling and one visitor space per four dwellings. Amendment 74 was approved by the Commonwealth Government in November 2012, and is incorporated into the National Capital Plan. More information is available at Amendment 74 Section 5 Campbell

SHL Development is providing a higher level of car parking in some parts of the precinct than prescribed. Shared cars have also been proposed for the larger developments.

When will work commence on Sections 132 and 133?

Timing of construction is market driven and dependant on sales volume and rate. Based on the success of Saint Germain and Greenwich we anticipate construction commencement late 2016 to early 2017 with the project duration for both developments estimated to be between 15 to 18 months.

The total project duration of all five sites is possibly 4 to 5 years, subject to market influences.

Will there be any community space?

Yes. Block 1 Section 132 will have a large ground level plaza that opens up in a northerly direction and faces the new park. It is envisaged that the plaza will be activated by restaurants and cafés and available for use by the community as well as precinct residents.

What disruptions will there be to traffic in and around Constitution Avenue?

SHL Development is very fortunate to have secured the five blocks that make up the precinct. Consequently SHL can use the whole site during the construction phase to reduce construction impacts on the community, including providing a fenced area for workers’ car parking.

Are there plans for public art in the precinct?

Yes. Public art is integral to the Campbell 5 precinct. Once the public plaza on Block 1 Section 132 has been designed, the landscape architect in collaboration with an artist will develop an arts strategy. Art installations will also be incorporated into the design of Block 1 Section 133.

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